• Last week, I polled via-Insta stories: I get sooo much done at coffee shops. Do you?

    I can always tell I'm "in the zone" when I'm not picky about what song comes up on shuffle, and that's the most likely to happen when I'm at a coffeeshop.

    Going to school in Berkeley conditioned me, I think. I'd pass by at least 3 great coffee shops as I walked to class everyday, and my roommates and I used to hop between 2 or 3 in a day when we had papers to write. There's just something about the hustle & bustle and occasional people watching.

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  • Instagram stories, a ramble + some stats

    Is everyone else like me where you go back and forth about how much you want to share about your life on Instagram (if you run a small business, I'd guess yes)? I go through phases of storying on my personal account with a combo mix of these: Home life ft. Jeff When I go out and its fun w friend... View Post
  • Interview with The Handmade Seller

    A couple months ago, I was invited to share the Pickles story on The Handmade Seller, and their August Issue with my interview launches TODAY! The feature is largely focused on how Pickles growth has been so incremental but each milestone has accumulated into something really awesome, and more re... View Post
  • All my craft fair sales in a graph, and why I only show at 2 each year now

    As I was sharing about Renegade sales last week, I got super curious about ALL the sales. Here's a graph of all my craft fair sales, sorted by 1. Length of craft fair, 2. MM/YY in time I really loved graphing this out and it's very fascinating to look at this and reminisce through the years... ... View Post
  • Freebies at Renegade led to my best sales yet

    I wanted to follow my own advice from my last blog post about sales funnels and try to get even more top of funnel customers at Renegade last weekend.  Last year, I started to run these 2 promos at craft fairs: 1. Free card with any purchase with an IG follow 2. Subscribe to our email newsletter... View Post
  • My new way of measuring craft fair success

    I went crazy in 2015 for craft fairs. I got a whiff of it and couldn't get enough— the anticipation while prepping, talking to customers and getting real-time feedback, pushing past exhaustion when I got home to unload and count the cash... It was exhilarating to see how much I could make in one weekend. 

    That year, sales was the only thing I really aimed for at craft fairs. I did everything I could to get those sales: discounts, a very tiring display set-up, hauling all our products in, going to as many events as possible, etc. I assessed the success of each craft fair based on sales alone (and wrote about it). 

    But I was missing a huge part of the potential of craft fairs.

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  • why I stuck to Etsy for years before selling on my own website

    When I first began my Etsy in 2013, I just listed random items for fun. To my surprise, I got a couple hundred in sales that year just from purely "having fun" with no actual goals. In 2014, I spent a lot of time launching a more cohesive visual look, and it paid off; Etsy sales grew by 9.4x between the years. View Post
  • Graph of our sales over 5 years

    I've been working more with numbers, charts, and light analytics at work which has been really fun to learn. Through this, I got very curious and excited to track some numbers for Pickles over the years. I am so horrible with numbers and my brain doesn't remember information in that way so what I plotted was very fascinating and exciting!


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