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1. shipping

How much is shipping?
Orders of 1 - 3 cards / stickers (globally):$1.00 w/ USPS Standard Shipping 
  • 3-5 days US orders, 7-14 days international order
    PLEASE NOTE: this shipping method does not come with tracking number (but you can upgrade to priority shipping!)
All orders (US only):
  • $2.50 USPS Priority Shipping
  • 2-5 days tracked delivery
Orders over $50 (US only):
  • FREE USPS Priority Shipping
  • 2-5 days tracked delivery

All order shipped outside the US:

  • Price calculated at checkout based on weight
  • Allow 10-20 days for international packages to be delivered. 
  • Please note: we are not responsible for any VAT charges that may incur upon international delivery. 
When will my order ship?
Your order will ship in 7 business days (2-4 weeks if your order has a custom product, and we’ll send you an email as soon as it ships out.

If you need your order shipped ASAP, please leave a note at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate.
My order hasn't arrived yet. Is it lost?
On rare occasions, USPS will lose mail (even with a tracking number!). While we will try our best to track the location of the package, sometimes the package is simply lost. Upon this situation, we will send a new package.


2. pickles points

What are Pickles Points?
Get 8 "points" for every $1 you spend, then trade it in for discounts. 100 points = $1 on your next purchase, plus free shipping codes, etc!

How do I log into Pickles Points?
Click on the little "Rewards" / Shopping bag heart icon in the bottom right of any page on our website. Create an account or sign in. 

How do I use Pickles Points?
  1. Log into Pickles Points
  2. Click the Gift Icon: "All Rewards"
  3. Click "Redeem"
  4. You'll get a coupon code to use during checkout for free shipping, or $X off!

FYI: Pickles Points can't be redeemed if you are using a coupon code at checkout.
When you use a discount code at checkout, you cannot redeem your Pickles Points at the same time due to a system limitation. However, you will still be able to earn Pickles Points for these purchases using a coupon code!

3. custom products

NOTE: Custom products are currently paused until 2022. 

What kinds of custom products do you offer?
We offer custom stamps, stickers, stationery.

How long does the process take?
2-4 weeks. Visit our custom product info/FAQ for more info!

I want to order multiple custom products. Do you offer discounts?
We don't offer bulk discounts for custom products, but we do have a generous re-order discount if you'd like to use the same design. 


4. design

I want to use your greeting cards in bulk- as wedding favors, party thank you's, etc. Can I get a discount?
We are happy to give discounts for bulk orders. Please email us for details. 

Can I hire A Jar of Pickles to create custom work for me, such as logos, invites, or fliers?
Currently, we are not taking on custom product orders. However, if you have a design request for a card that will fit in our line or a special project, we will be happy to consider it. Please email us to chat.


5. returns & exchanges

My items came damaged when they got to me. 
I want you to LOVE your products! If your items were damaged in transit, please send us a picture of the item's condition and we will send you a new package right away.

How can I get a refund on my order?
Unopened goods in their plastic sleeves can be fully refunded within 30 days of purchase, customer pays return shipping. Please let us know we should be expecting a package from you, and ship the package to our mailing address.


6. starting a business

What advice do you have for someone starting a small / side creative business?
My biggest piece of advice: just start! You can dream and plan all you want, but it's all in the execution and following through your ideas. Stick through it when you feel discouraged and you'll be surprised at what comes from it :)
I'm so excited to now offer Creative Coaching Calls. Spots open on a quarterly basis.

Where do you get your products printed / made?
Finding partners is definitely a process and with all our products, we always test multiple vendors we find to see the best fit for what we're specifically  looking for.  I'd recommend reaching out to local vendors to find out more about their factory, process, and prices!

Why don't you do Pickles full time?
I have loved every job I've had; I've learned so many skills in each role (many of which I've applied to Pickles!) and I've met some amazing coworkers and mentors. I admire those who take their creative businesses full-time, but that's not something that has appealed to me more than the corporate 9-5 (at least so far!) in my life. 

7. random

Where did you get your: studio inventory boxes, kitchen chairs, etc?
shop my Amazon shop here. I only put products on here I honestly love and would buy again in a heartbeat or gift to someone else! DM me to ask me about any of them :)

Where did you get your X? / Recommendations for places to eat in the Bay Area or elsewhere? / Can you link your Airbnb from X trip? / Baby recs list?

Check out my recs doc: bit.ly/picklesrecs

Link to Jeff & your budgeting spreadsheet template?
bit.ly/picklesbudgetingClick here for context.