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Boba Plushie

The plushie is so cute and well made! Great gift for kid or adult!


My dogs name is Mandu, so why not purchase a big dumpling for her? Such a cute plushie!

Boba Plushie
Lina F.
Absolute perfection

Omg this plushie is just the cutest thing everrrr! Soo soo squishy!

Boba Plushie
Hanna K.
Boba Plushie

I bought a Boba Plushie for my friends daughter and she loves it so much! Highly recommend!

Cute and festive

I love this LNY washi tape! Perfect for cards but the design is so cute it’d be appropriate for any occasion. I was silly and ordered a couple of washi tapes and cards during the big plushie launch. Nonetheless, my order was not delayed and was packaged so nicely. I am so astounded at the care that goes into packaging from small businesses. Cute tissue paper, adorable stickers, thank you cards, it truly feels like a gift. I almost didn’t want to open the tissue packaging and ruin it. I’m so happy to have found pickles and really enjoy following along Kirstie’s journey on IG. I will be back in the future!

Boba Plushie
cute boba plushie!

The boba plush is SO cute! Such a great plush to have on display and for hugging! :)

Super soft and sturdy!

I got all three plushies (Bao Dumpling, Spam Musubi, and Boba), and they all bring a smile to my face when I see their adorable smiles. The weighted bottom is a nice touch so that they stay right side up, but it doesn't detract from their cuddliness. I think my Bao got a little misshapen during shipping because the weighted bottom is a bit off center, but I should be able to shift it back.

Boba Plushie
Jessica W.

Boba Plushie

So soft and ADORABLE!

I don’t mean to yell, but so cute! I loved giving the spam musubi as a gift. And recipient loved getting it! Can’t ask for more than that.

Boba addict must-have

This was the perfect gift for a very special boba-loving couple in my life! Big thanks to Kirstie & Shayna for combing my orders and including my note! That's unparalleled customer service!

Cutest little cards!

These are just the perfect size cards for sweet nothings --- like the ones that I sneak into my kid's & my husband's lunchboxes 💕

Boba Plushie
Danielle C.
So soft!

The top looked like felt to me at first, but it’s actually just as soft as the rest of the super cute plushie. Not felt at all. These might become my go-to gift. I wouldn’t mind getting a bigger size version to cuddle with. 🥰

Perfect! <3

I'm in love with my spam musubi plushie!! Super soft, very huggable, and all kinds of cute! It is also coincidentally a nice pillow height for side-sleepers, haha =) My SO, without knowing any of the details of the plushies, immediately commented on how soft it is and how he likes the weighted bottom!

Boba Plushie
Nathanlie Y.
Super cute!

I was so excited to get my Pickles boba plushie. The size is larger than expected and good for giving it a good squeeze. But if they had a mini version I’d probably prefer that. The quality feels great with a nice heavy bottom to keep it standing. Only issue with my plushie is a wrinkle/dent on the top white part that seems to not want to smooth out but I’m sure I can rub or steam it out. Other than that, super cute!

this bao plushie is so freaking cute. it's weighted on the bottom and material is so sturdy. my cat loves it too!

cutest plushie!

I love my new boba plushie! The perfect balance of squish/ firmness and I love the weighted bottom; makes it so easy to display just about anywhere. Might have to add the other ones to my collection soon :).

Boba Plushie
Joey L.
a must-have plushie for boba addicts!

it’s super soft and the perfect size for hugging. the little smiley face adds a cute touch on the plushie :)

Boba Plushie
Grace L.
Well made, quality materials, lots of attention to detail

Surprised by how cute and well made this plushie was. I already knew it was cute based on photos, but it was even better in person. Material is so soft yet sturdy, which is great for the long run since I’ll definitely be spending quality time chilling on the couch watching tv with it! Think squishables in terms of softness but with thicker material! Details such as the face and boba balls are nicely embroidered on. Also stands up nicely since there are weighted beads on the bottom.

a very unique plushie & very high quality!!

I love this plushie and I'm so happy I got to get my hands on one early! I can tell that Kirstie really put a lot of thought and effort into the design and feel. I've never had a plushie with a weighted bottom, so I thought that was super unique as it allows me to display the plushie on the top of my shelf without worrying about it falling or tipping over and me having to reposition it continuously. On another note, even with its sturdiness, it's still very squishy/soft and huggable. Since I already loved the simplicity and uniqueness of Kirstie's boba design, seeing it coming to life as a plushie was already gonna be a must have for me. I'd definitely recommend this as a great gift for a friend or even for yourself! :)

These pins are amazing!

They are great quality and the color on them is bold and vibrant. I love wearing pins on my jean jacket and immediately switched out old ones for these new ones once they arrived! I had a great shopping experience, browsing the website and checking out all A Jar of Pickles has to offer. Finding all of the different pins they offer was really easy on the website. I cannot wait to purchase more items from them in the future! Great products and great shopping experience!

So cute!

I live in Chicago and this is perfect to keep in my work bag if I make a quick stop to a store for some groceries as well as just to carry around out and about! I bought the denim because of the darker color and it is great quality and sturdy!

Bao Dumpling Beanie
Fits our toddler!

Our toddler grew quickly out of all his other beanies and I’m glad I purchased this beanie so that he has room to grow. It’s absolutely adorable and a perfect match to his pickles dumpling shirt. The material is soft and our toddler was able to wear it and keep warm during our trip to Tahoe.

Bao Dumpling Pin

So cute that I want to eat it! Love it.

Bao Dumpling Beanie
Kathy W.
Perfect for our little bao

Our toddler’s nickname is “xiaobaozi” (little dumpling in Chinese) so this beanie is perfect for him! I love the softness of it…super tempted to buy matching ones for me and hubby 😅

Very sturdy

So cute! Bought the denim tote. Felt I will get more use out of denim compared to the khaki tote (don’t have to worry about getting the tote dirty). Will buy more as gifts in the future.