Photos by 2nd truth

Hi, I’m Kirstie! A Jar of Pickles is my small side business that I started as an Etsy shop in college. I found myself not paying attention in any of my Public Health classes and teaching myself Illustrator and Photoshop instead, designing logos and flyers for various student groups. I loved it, but I didn’t seriously pursue Pickles nor a career in design when I graduated. Instead, it took quite a few years for me to fully invest in A Jar of Pickles while pursuing a job as a designer.

Now, I am working as a UX designer for KiwiCo and A Jar of Pickles has continually grown each year. That’s my favorite part about this small business of mine— that I have the flexibility to work at a company I love while devoting extra time and passion into Pickles, always figuring out how to balance everything. (It helps that I am not very good at staying still and doing nothing ;) After quality time with friends and family and keeping the house organized & clean, all my extra time is poured into Pickles. I am usually packaging orders after work, folding cards while watching Netflix, or taking product photos during sunlight hours on the weekends.

I love connecting with others interested in small businesses or side hustles, so send me a hello! 

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