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About Kirstie & A Jar of Pickles:

Hi, I’m Kirstie! A Jar of Pickles is my small side business that I started as an Etsy shop in college. I found myself not paying attention in any of my Public Health classes and teaching myself Illustrator and Photoshop instead, designing logos and flyers for various student groups. I loved it, but I didn’t seriously pursue Pickles nor a career in design when I graduated. Instead, it took quite a few years for me to fully invest in A Jar of Pickles while pursuing a job as a designer.

Now, my career has transitioned from design to marketing and I'm currently working as a Marketing Manager for Flipboard as A Jar of Pickles has continually grown each year. That’s my favorite part about this small business of mine— that I have the flexibility to work at a job where I'm learning so much while devoting extra time and passion into Pickles, always figuring out how to balance everything. (It helps that I am not very good at staying still and doing nothing ;) After quality time with friends and family and keeping the house organized & clean, all my extra time is poured into Pickles. I am usually packaging orders after work, folding cards while watching Netflix, or taking product photos during sunlight hours on the weekends.

Some FAQ's I get:

What advice do you have for someone starting a small / side creative business?
My biggest piece of advice: just start! You can dream and plan all you want, but it's all in the execution and following through your ideas. Stick through it when you feel discouraged and you'll be surprised at what comes from it :)
I love chatting with other small business owners and creatives! With that said, most people that reach out have similar questions, so the best way to learn about my background is to listen to the podcast on this page and then read my blog posts. After that, I'm happy to chat through any more questions you have! Shoot me an email to connect.

Where do you get your products printed / made?
Finding partners is definitely a process and with all our products, we always test multiple vendors we find to see the best fit for what we're specifically  looking for.  I'd recommend reaching out to local vendors to find out more about their factory, process, and prices!

Why don't you do Pickles full time?
I have loved every job I've had; I've learned so many skills in each role (many of which I've applied to Pickles!) and I've met some amazing coworkers and mentors. I admire those who take their creative businesses full-time, but that's not something that has appealed to me more than the corporate 9-5 (at least so far!) in my life. 

I love connecting with others interested in small businesses or side hustles, so send me a hello! 

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.