• At home with 2nd Truth

  • Introducing Weddings

    Wedding suites launched yesterday (this blog post is late because I was trying to fully enjoy my 3 day weekend ;) and I wanted to do an introductory post to debut this new product line and very exciting direction for Pickles.

    Meet our four collections...

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  • So much new

    I'm not great at spending on Pickles but last week I splurged on both an iPad/ Apple pencil AND an overdue new Macbook! And here's the newest new: a site shop update!

    About a year ago, I changed from Weebly to Shopify as my website host— I
     I took many hours to learn Shopify and chose Symmetry as a theme to purchase, which I really loved! My website looked quite good and I was happy with it for the past year. But as I'm launching wedding suites (and more), I needed a functional upgrade. 

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  • Preview: Wedding !!!!!!!!!!!

    When we launched custom address stamps last year, it was kind of a random product endeavor— but to my surprise, not only did the giveaway launch post get an insane amount of comments, I was getting a lot of orders for them as well. I found a lot of joy in lettering peoples' names, addresses, and custom icons; it felt really good to be a part of something so personal for customers :)

    Pair this with how much I loved designing our wedding paper, and semi-custom wedding invites seemed like a very obvious product! 

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  • Office redo and NEW WINDOW!

    Last year, we moved into a house where I was able to dedicate a full room to Pickles!

    It was nice to have a dedicate studio/office space, but after a year I started itching to rethink the space a bit; the flow of the room was very off... I also wanted to stop using our bedroom for picture taking, so I was strategizing how to convince Jeff to let me expand the office window for more natural light.

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  • Today's the launch of the chicken card! Took some screenshots "during" my designing...

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