• Office/ storage organization tour + remodel plans!

    A) Sideboard: product packaging materials: boxed sets, unfolded cards, envelopes, product packaging stickers, etc
    Bought used
    B) Cabinet: mailers, samples from vendors, old designs for references, etc 
    From Ikea
    C) Shelf: all products, (mostly) ready to ship. Card boxes can hold ~200 cards, I fit about 2 SKU's per box. I have to refill those boxes too often and the shelf is getting very crowded with so many new products! 
    Shelves from Ikea, card boxes from Amazon, most other boxes from Ikea
    D) Desk: I thought I'd work and stare into the backyard here a lot, but I don't. So it's 100% packaging orders 
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  • Design process: Fleece Navidad holiday gift wrap

    Last week in San Diego, I tried to sit down and finally tackle gift wrap, something that's been on my list for years! The goal was to convert our very popular holiday card, Fleece Navidad, onto gift wrap.The easiest option was to tile the card design, which I knew wouldn't look great but I just w... View Post
  • 2018 vs 2019 Black Friday/ Cyber Monday / "consumerism week" sales & numbers

    Pulled up data to compare this year and last year's sales: 2018 sale was 5 days, 30% off everything 2019 sale was 7 days, with a tiered discount:15% off all custom 25% off all pins, notepads, prints, totes etc35% off all cards General numbers comparing 2019 to 2018 (normalized over 7 days):  A... View Post
  • Our biggest sale of the year!

    It's been a while on the blog, but thinking this is a good comeback to it: Sooo incredibly excited to launch our BIGGEST sale of the year! Until next Mon (12/2), everything in the store is on sale: 15% off all custom items (like stamps & holiday cards!) 25% off all pins, notepads, prints, t... View Post
  • Limited ed FRIENDS cards & fun ways to celebrate its 25th anniversary

    It’s the 25th anniversary of Friends this month! On September 22, 1994, the first ep of Friends aired and about 10 years after that it became my favorite show of all time to play as “background noise”. I’d borrow DVD’s from the library, friends, and eventually bought my own set while I played it ... View Post
  • A Jar of Pickles + Dough

    My best friend linked me to Dough a while ago and I've loved discovering small, women-owned brands from their page.

    From Dough:" If everyone in the US spent $20 a month at a woman owned business we’d drive nearly five billion dollars towards female led companies monthly. That’s what we call wallet power." View Post
  • My resume (or, my job history)

    Every single phone call  / coffee date I've gotten to chat about Pickles has started with my career background and my windy path into (and maybe now out of) design. I'm actually going to start linking blog posts before I chat with people just so I don't have to repeat myself so much. Is that conceited of me? Oh well. 

    1. Public Health major, UC Berkeley
      I chose the major bc I thought maybe I wanted to do healthcare admin, plus I thought the angle of preventing sickness was very cool and kind of marketing-y. I should have known to switch to another major because I literally played Plants vs Zombies or experimented on Adobe Illustrator instead of paying attention like 90% of the time. 
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  • Sales graphs by location

    Since I launched state stamps last week, I got very curious to see sales data by location. Very fitting that I finished this blog post on a plane ride over to Hawaii! This is data of total revenue (note: not # of orders) since my first Etsy sale from a good friend.Not surprisingly, California tak... View Post

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