Introducing: Pickles Points

2.5 months (and a whole different world...) ago, I asked a question on insta-stories:

"2 weeks ago, I released a new pin, 1 week ago, I released personal stationery, and this week, I released sticker sheets. Is it annoying when I release products 1 by 1, week by week?"

In Pickles history, I pretty much release new products whenever they are ready. On the rare occasion I released a bunch of NEW at once, I found that I don't get as many sales as compared to when I release them one by one (less visibility? NEW is super exciting so the hype adds to sales?)

As my repeat customer rate expands, I worry a little about the week-by-week: What if you bought last week's new product and now you want this week's product, but you don't want to checkout again /pay for shipping/etc?

When I asked, "Is it annoying' on IG, 73% voted "No, the constant new is FUN!" But I had great discussions with some customers who offered suggestions to ease my worry about week-by-week releases

Here were my conclusions:

  1. 1 by 1 is still fun and hype and helps announce
  2. But announce when product release periods are ("4 new products are coming this month!") and maybe even what product it is
  3. Maybe look into a customer loyalty program for perks like lower free shipping!

Very, very helpful to chat with you all, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for voting and responding to my sticker question! They were great ideas & discussions..


Introducing Pickles Points

(anyone have a better name? lol)

I found a great app on Shopify that allows me to give customers points to trade for store $!

The basics:
Get 8 "points" for every $1 you spend
100 points = $1 on your next purchase
(More direct math: every $12.50 you spend gives you $1 store credit)


  • follow me on Insta and get 200 points ($2)
  • refer a friend to my shop and you both get $5
  • get a free shipping code for 80 points ($10 spend)

PS, I will happily apply "points" to your account if you've bought anything from me in 2020. Just shoot me an email with your order number and I'll get that in your account within the next week :)

As I'm launching this, please be patient with me and email me at for any kinks!

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