A Jar of Pickles' 6th Birthday!

It’s really hard for me to have a definite date of the beginning of A Jar of Pickles. My Etsy was a random thing I started in college because I was making fliers/logos etc for student groups on campus, and my roommates suggested I should put stuff up for fun. It was a very passive project; I’d just design things every couple of months when I felt like it.

Because of this, I never had a “launch date” but the start of Pickles can be marked by a few significant milestones:

-Summer 2012: Etsy shop open. A friend was my first "sale", but my first “real” stranger sale came months and months later.

-Spring 2014: Sat down to create a cohesive look instead of a scattered collection of designs. Wrote about it here.

-Fall 2014: Created “A Jar of Pickles” Facebook page & Instagram and began (light) marketing efforts beyond Etsy organic search.

-Summer 2015: Expanded revenue streams outside of Etsy to include wholesale, craft fairs, and my own e-commerce website.

-Fall 2017: Realized A Jar of Pickles might actually be kind of a legit thing and put it on my resume lol (jk about this as the start date, but I consider it very personally significant)

I think I can mark any of these as the official Pickles "start date”:
2012 my first “hobby” sale
2014 the presentation of a cohesive visual brand
2015 the first attempts to grow and make more profit

I've been eyeing companies with birthday reflections, sales, and general celebration, so I've decided to pick (albiet a little randomly) an official birthday for Pickles too!!!! Now, OFFICIALLY, Pickles birth date is March 27, 2014, the day that my dad sent me this funny email.

WHICH MEANS, that means it's our 6th birthday this week!!! Take 20% off everything (non-custom) and we’ve lowered free shipping to $20 orders with code 6BIRTHDAY!

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