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  • Our biggest sale of the year!

    It's been a while on the blog, but thinking this is a good comeback to it: Sooo incredibly excited to launch our BIGGEST sale of the year! Until next Mon (12/2), everything in the store is on sale: 15% off all custom items (like stamps & holiday cards!) 25% off all pins, notepads, prints, t... View Post
  • Limited ed FRIENDS cards & fun ways to celebrate its 25th anniversary

    It’s the 25th anniversary of Friends this month! On September 22, 1994, the first ep of Friends aired and about 10 years after that it became my favorite show of all time to play as “background noise”. I’d borrow DVD’s from the library, friends, and eventually bought my own set while I played it ... View Post
  • A Jar of Pickles + Dough

    My best friend linked me to Dough a while ago and I've loved discovering small, women-owned brands from their page.

    From Dough:" If everyone in the US spent $20 a month at a woman owned business we’d drive nearly five billion dollars towards female led companies monthly. That’s what we call wallet power." View Post
  • Interview with The Handmade Seller

    A couple months ago, I was invited to share the Pickles story on The Handmade Seller, and their August Issue with my interview launches TODAY! The feature is largely focused on how Pickles growth has been so incremental but each milestone has accumulated into something really awesome, and more re... View Post
  • Introducing Weddings

    Wedding suites launched yesterday (this blog post is late because I was trying to fully enjoy my 3 day weekend ;) and I wanted to do an introductory post to debut this new product line and very exciting direction for Pickles.

    Meet our four collections...

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  • So much new

    I'm not great at spending on Pickles but last week I splurged on both an iPad/ Apple pencil AND an overdue new Macbook! And here's the newest new: a site shop update!

    About a year ago, I changed from Weebly to Shopify as my website host— I
     I took many hours to learn Shopify and chose Symmetry as a theme to purchase, which I really loved! My website looked quite good and I was happy with it for the past year. But as I'm launching wedding suites (and more), I needed a functional upgrade. 

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  • Preview: Wedding !!!!!!!!!!!

    When we launched custom address stamps last year, it was kind of a random product endeavor— but to my surprise, not only did the giveaway launch post get an insane amount of comments, I was getting a lot of orders for them as well. I found a lot of joy in lettering peoples' names, addresses, and custom icons; it felt really good to be a part of something so personal for customers :)

    Pair this with how much I loved designing our wedding paper, and semi-custom wedding invites seemed like a very obvious product! 

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