Limited ed FRIENDS cards & fun ways to celebrate its 25th anniversary

It’s the 25th anniversary of Friends this month! On September 22, 1994, the first ep of Friends aired and about 10 years after that it became my favorite show of all time to play as “background noise”. I’d borrow DVD’s from the library, friends, and eventually bought my own set while I played it back to back forever. When it started streaming on Netflix it made it much, much easier and omg I think I go through all 10 seasons like 3x a year.. It’s more mindless for me than music as I clean the house, package orders, etc. (also booo that Netflix is taking it down in 2020, what will I do...)

To celebrate the big anniversary, I made 2 limited edition Friends themed cards!! Both are only $2 and our very popular “You’re My Lobster” card will also be $2 for the rest of the month!


Also, here are some fun links:

  1. Never-before seen clips in THEATERS this month:
  2. Limited ed LEGO Central Perk set:
  3. Central Perk Pop Ups in New York CIty and Los Angeles:
  4. Inside the writer's room of Friends:
  5. Friends food recipes:


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