Office/ storage organization tour + remodel plans!

A) Sideboard: product packaging materials: boxed sets, unfolded cards, envelopes, product packaging stickers, etc
Bought used
B) Cabinet: mailers, samples from vendors, old designs for references, etc
From Ikea
C) Shelf: all products, (mostly) ready to ship. Card boxes can hold ~200 cards, I fit about 2 SKU's per box. I have to refill those boxes too often and the shelf is getting very crowded with so many new products!
Shelves from Ikea, card boxes from Amazon, most other boxes from Ikea
D) Desk: I thought I'd work and stare into the backyard here a lot, but I don't. So it's 100% packaging orders
From Ikea
E) Couch: Sometimes my friends visit me and we hangout on this couch, or Jeff keeps me company while I package orders. One time my dad napped here (Good story)
From Wayfair a long time ago


Corner of the garage:
A) Package boxes to re-use for orders
B) Easy access mailer refill
C) Products to be packaged: cards, envelopes
D) Product packaging: backing cards, stickers, boxes

Storage shed:
A) Order packaging materials like mailers/boxes in bulk, bubble wrap and stuffing from packages I've received so I can reuse them to package orders
B) Craft fair tables
C) Craft fair boxes
D) Craft fair display boards

Living room couch area:
A) The couch where I sit to package products
B) or I sit on the floor. 
C) Boxes to hold the products I'm packaging that week

I'm lucky to have so much space in our house for Pickles. As it grows each year and I add more products to the shop, this setup isn't making total sense anymore; I move things from storage -> garage -> various corners of my office so so often. So much back and forth!!Plus, when I'm package products in the living room, I grab half the materials from the garage and half of them from my office- it would be great to consolidate in one place.

So we have been thinking for a while to renovate the garage to move 100% of Pickles into a garage studio! Construction is beginning tomorrow!! 

Garage -> studio space renovation:
A) Adding insulation/ceiling/ 1 skylight
B) Adding a window 
C) Painting the walls / floors

Lol our brother-in-law's dad giving advice on renovation plans during our nephew's bday party this past weekend.

I'm so so so excited to have everything consolidated into one place, PLUS, probably the main reason I'm moving it into the garage: I can now hire someone to help package orders since the garage can be accessed without entering the house :)

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