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  • So much new

    I'm not great at spending on Pickles but last week I splurged on both an iPad/ Apple pencil AND an overdue new Macbook! And here's the newest new: a site shop update!

    About a year ago, I changed from Weebly to Shopify as my website host— I
     I took many hours to learn Shopify and chose Symmetry as a theme to purchase, which I really loved! My website looked quite good and I was happy with it for the past year. But as I'm launching wedding suites (and more), I needed a functional upgrade. 

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  • Office redo and NEW WINDOW!

    Last year, we moved into a house where I was able to dedicate a full room to Pickles!

    It was nice to have a dedicate studio/office space, but after a year I started itching to rethink the space a bit; the flow of the room was very off... I also wanted to stop using our bedroom for picture taking, so I was strategizing how to convince Jeff to let me expand the office window for more natural light.

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  • 10 random facts about A Jar of Pickles

    I thought it'd be fun to start of my consistent 2016 blogging with random facts I've told people about A Jar of Pickles in recent months.

    1. I suck at drawing on paper- my doodling in class was never, ever fun to look at or keep.
    2. I've changed logos at least 3 times. I still can't make an icon that I like, because Pickles have a certain... shape to them, and if you put them in a jar, they kind of look like floating embryos (so I've been told). 
    3. But, I've never, ever questioned the name "A Jar of Pickles"- I know brand name such a huge part of anyone starting a business, but it's been so obvious from the start for me. (Read my feature in Stylust Magazine for backstory,)
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my small business

An attempt to document how much fun I have with my ever-growing side project