Office redo and NEW WINDOW!

Last year, we moved into a house where I was able to dedicate a full room to Pickles!


A GIF of the empty room before we moved in furniture— we were playing with wedding confetti poppers (and haha you can see the Google mini Jeff was working for) and a GIF for my messy office...

It was nice to have a dedicate studio/office space, but after a year I started itching to rethink the space a bit; the flow of the room was very off... I also wanted to stop using our bedroom for picture taking, so I was strategizing how to convince Jeff to let me expand the office window for more natural light.

LUCKILY, we found a crack in our wall under the window (....hahaha “luckily” for me ;) and Jeff agreed it would be best to replace the single pane window and patch up the wall. 

I stuffed everything into a corner as the window was expanded. I also had a crazy strong urge to repaint the room white bc the light blue we chose was something I regretted from the day we painted it almost 2 years ago lol (I also got lazy and the ceiling is still blue…... oh well).

And here’s the before and after of the window 😍😍😍. 

Finally upgraded from the USPS boxes for storage!!

I get SO much more natural light in the mornings now and it’s actually motivating to stay in there to work, and the white shelves and white storage boxes are such an upgrade from my initial system. It’s still a work in progress (it's actually quite messy, and I am very lost about rug sizes/placements……. Any suggestions?! 😢) but it’s getting increasingly enjoyable to work in there :)

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