Introducing Weddings

Wedding suites launched yesterday (this blog post is late because I was trying to fully enjoy my 3 day weekend ;) and I wanted to do an introductory post to debut this new product line and very exciting direction for Pickles.

I’ve designed wedding invitations before for friends/clients, but after the 3rd or 4th one I realized that I didn’t love the process of doing custom design work, but I LOVE when we’re asked for wedding paper and always feel bad saying no— so I think this is a happy medium : )

Meet our four collections:

Midnight: minimal whimsy

Ocean: barely-there florals

Navy: minute foliage

Sky: subtly large

Fast facts:
  • Blue is the theme for all the collections but the colors can be changed to match your wedding.
  • Each product has the choice of cover cardstock or a luxe linen (which you can feel for yourself with our sample packs).
  • We’ve spent time carefully sourcing and pricing (for example, Save the Dates start at $1.20 each). Products can be ordered a la carte, and we have a tiered discount if you choose to order 2 products or more.
Thank you already for all the support and positive feedback we've gotten! Excited to expand even more (vellum and special shapes (probably) coming in the fall!!!) For now, find more info and FAQ’s here.

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