10 random facts about A Jar of Pickles

My belated New Year's resolution is to blog at least 2 times a month. I predict this will last until March, but who knows, I believe in miracles. 

I still get surprised when I'm messaged via my Facebook page, Etsy, or my contact form about random questions people have about graphic design or starting a small business, but it's always extremely flattering (I use that word a lot- I'm not sure how to receive compliments still!). I thought it'd be fun to start of my consistent 2016 blogging with random facts I've told people about A Jar of Pickles in recent months.

  1. I suck at drawing on paper- my doodling in class was never, ever fun to look at or keep.
  2. I've changed logos at least 3 times. I still can't make an icon that I like, because Pickles have a certain... shape to them, and if you put them in a jar, they kind of look like floating embryos (so I've been told). 
  3. But, I've never, ever questioned the name "A Jar of Pickles"- I know brand name such a huge part of anyone starting a business, but it's been so obvious from the start for me. (Read my feature in Stylust Magazine for backstory,)
  4. I own a Wacom tablet, but I primarily design only with my mouse because I rarely work at home, and I always forget to pack my tablet ;)
  5. Designing a card from start to finish can take anywhere from half an hour (so rare- but an example is our lava card, one of our bestselling!) to hours over the timespan of DAYS (so many, but the ones that stand out: deermoosekoala).
  6. The hardest part of designing animal cards are.... the EYES! One little adjustment in the eyes can make something cute and fun look really scary/depressing/dying.
  7. Every time I finish designing a card, I send it to at LEAST 5 friends for feedback. I try to trust my gut more but I second guess myself all the time. 
  8. When I first started printing my cards, I held no inventory, and instead printed every order I got at Kinko's. Print quality was passable enough ;)
  9. The biggest investment mistake I've made was purchasing furniture pieces for craft fairs I did. They looked great- but cost a lot :( 
  10. I actually think what has gotten A Jar of Pickles the opportunities that we've had is not so much my artistic abilities, but more of the business disciplines I've needed to practice. Amazing art and wonderful ideas can only go so far without execution.

    Happy Friday! Hope you have fun weekend plans! Tonight I am braving the long line of waiting for the best local ramen to warm up a cold week. 

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