• How to find suppliers, step by step

    One of the most frequent questions I get asked is "who are your suppliers" or "how do you find suppliers?" STEP 1: RESEARCH I use Google or Yelp to find suppliers. Search similar phrases (for eg, include "screen printing" and "tshirt printing" instead of just "tote printing") in case suppliers SE...

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  • Am I ready to start selling wholesale?

    5 q's to consider:** BUT FIRST!!! If you are looking to sell to wholesale, I 100% recommend joining a community or taking a class on it. There are SO many nuances, edge case scenarios, and support you will need as you launch. The community and course I got from Proof to Product sooo many years ag...

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  • Should I start on Etsy or Shopify?

    Deciding whether to start your shop on Etsy or your own website really comes down to answering one question: Are you starting this business to A) establish a brand & scale a business, or B) sell something for fun and see where it goes? Which one should you use? Investing in your own website ...

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  • My wholesale process thus far

    I keep wanting to blog as I'm learning more and more about the paper industry, but I just can't find the time. I'm going to make it a goal to do short blog posts that will document what I'm currently learning and not obsess about them being superbly well-written ;)

    Today I'm going to blog about my wholesale process: Getting retailers, invoicing, and shipping. 

    Getting retailers
    After spending months putting together a wholesale catalog, I ordered a couple hundred of them earlier this summer. They are GORGEOUS and I flip through them every so often when I need a mood boost. I am super, super proud of them. 


    After I printed the catalogs, I shipped them off in a neat little package, which included....

    • a couple business cards
    • a sample of two different cards
    • a handwritten note about how I found them, what I liked about their store, and why I thought A Jar of Pickles would do well in their brick and mortar
    • our catalog (of course!)


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