• Office redo and NEW WINDOW!

    Last year, we moved into a house where I was able to dedicate a full room to Pickles!

    It was nice to have a dedicate studio/office space, but after a year I started itching to rethink the space a bit; the flow of the room was very off... I also wanted to stop using our bedroom for picture taking, so I was strategizing how to convince Jeff to let me expand the office window for more natural light.

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  • Today's the launch of the chicken card! Took some screenshots "during" my designing...

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  • It's easier for me

    Side projects are very fun and A Jar of Pickles is mine! Since starting Pickles 5 years ago, I have been consistently working full time, but it's has always been extremely manageable even as Pickles grows. I am very fortunate, and I believe that it is easier for me than it might be for others.
    1. I have a job that I find creatively and intellectually challenging, so, though tired, I still come home motivated to explore my own personal projects. I really think an inspiring job stimulates pursuing side projects. I used to think that a chill job that utilizes less of your mental energy would save more for projects outside of work, but It’s a little counterintuitive in that those jobs are, yes, chill, but ultimately mind-numbing. 

    2. I was trained and continue to use the Adobe Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc) for my career which helps me with Pickles stuff for literally everything, from Instagram posts to catalog creation to product photography. There are great online services that can execute these tasks for small businesses but being able to achieve this in-house (my small “house” of 1;) saves a ton of costs & time that would be spent on the logistics of outsourcing.
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  • My wholesale process thus far

    I keep wanting to blog as I'm learning more and more about the paper industry, but I just can't find the time. I'm going to make it a goal to do short blog posts that will document what I'm currently learning and not obsess about them being superbly well-written ;)

    Today I'm going to blog about my wholesale process: Getting retailers, invoicing, and shipping. 

    Getting retailers
    After spending months putting together a wholesale catalog, I ordered a couple hundred of them earlier this summer. They are GORGEOUS and I flip through them every so often when I need a mood boost. I am super, super proud of them. 


    After I printed the catalogs, I shipped them off in a neat little package, which included....

    • a couple business cards
    • a sample of two different cards
    • a handwritten note about how I found them, what I liked about their store, and why I thought A Jar of Pickles would do well in their brick and mortar
    • our catalog (of course!)


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  • The evolution of a brand

    I wanted to share how I've built A Jar of Pickle's brand and "look" over the years, and my journey to get to a 50-something (hooray!) cohesive card line. It was a long and winding journey, but very worthwhile.

    When I first began selling cards I designed in college, they were random, assorted graphics I made on Illustrator that I'd pair with a font I'd like. Here were some of them below. 

    ​(My avocado drawing was recently adopted and repurposed for my new avo-cuddle valentine's card! And I'm still very proud of my Oski killing the Stanford tree card. I have it printed in my office and some of the students comment on it when they see it ;)

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  • 10 random facts about A Jar of Pickles

    I thought it'd be fun to start of my consistent 2016 blogging with random facts I've told people about A Jar of Pickles in recent months.

    1. I suck at drawing on paper- my doodling in class was never, ever fun to look at or keep.
    2. I've changed logos at least 3 times. I still can't make an icon that I like, because Pickles have a certain... shape to them, and if you put them in a jar, they kind of look like floating embryos (so I've been told). 
    3. But, I've never, ever questioned the name "A Jar of Pickles"- I know brand name such a huge part of anyone starting a business, but it's been so obvious from the start for me. (Read my feature in Stylust Magazine for backstory,)
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my small business

An attempt to document how much fun I have with my ever-growing side project