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Since I launched state stamps last week, I got very curious to see sales data by location. Very fitting that I finished this blog post on a plane ride over to Hawaii!

This is data of total revenue (note: not # of orders) since my first Etsy sale from a good friend.
Not surprisingly, California takes 47.5% of total sales. Here are sales graphed by CA cities:

If you take out California, here is the distribution between the other states:

Top states % of total sales excluding CA:
NY 9.94%
MA 8.92%
IL 7.25%
TX 6.92%
FL 5.90%
(very excited that I've visited 4/5 of these states, and will finally go to IL later this year!) 

Also not surprisingly, US takes up 91.1% of sales, and the next largest player is UK at 2.8% ;D.

So international sales make up 9.9% of my total sales. Of that, here's the top 4 countries:
UK 31.8%
Canada 30.7%
Singapore 14.7%
Australia 9.7%


Also who cares nobody but I wanted to graph the states I've been to, shade by how many trips I've been:

Also, a phone date last week suggested that I say how the particular data I share could be useful to me at the end of each post, which is a great idea! This location data could tell me theoretically where to run ads, targeting the citites/states/countries that I already get higher revenue from, or if I was thinking about doing a craft fair at another state, I would go where I already have the most sales. 

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