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Posting on IG stories has led to an increase in all KPI's

Posting on IG stories has led to an increase in all KPI's

Is everyone else like me where you go back and forth about how much you want to share about your life on Instagram (if you run a small business, I'd guess yes)? I go through phases of storying on my personal account with a combo mix of these:

  1. Home life ft. Jeff
  2. When I go out and its fun w friends & fam
  3. Random thoughts like remember when John Mayer dated Katy Perry bc I legit forgot, also did you know he wrote a song about Taylor how did I never know, and also I'm sad I'll be gone for his concert this fall

On my Pickles account, I usually try and only story about Pickles-specific things, unless I'm traveling and it's exciting. But during Renegade (I have said that SO many times this past month; another proof why you shouldn't only measure by sales for craft fair success) 3 separate people mentioned something very random I posted about on stories from the past couple of months, and I was like, what.... I got curious and asked a couple people about what they thought about small businesses storying in general. There was a small gaggle of great girls (gen z??) that told me I should insta-story more often and also include my face.

(Here was my attempt last week, lol)

So I've been trying it for about a week now, insta-storying a lot: a handful of frames every couple hours (what feels like incessantly for me, but inspo from Eva, ofc). I've shared about how productive I was at a coffeshop, my random decision to clean our whole kitchen and sell our floating wood shelves, and many snippets of my work life.

Results have been decently surprising:

  1. I think I lost a handful of followers in the beginning days, but not after that
  2. The number of story views is very consistent; even more curious, the view # is going up.
  3. I have gotten a lot of story replies, both from friends and follower requests... what!

    (Maybe it's bc I don't know a lot of things and people can't help responding to life pro tips everyone should know, like what a splatter screen for oil is and NO YOU SHOULD REALLY NOT LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP IN YOUR CAR, ever.)

  4. The most surprising: I am being asked questions like an influencer. It's both unprecedented and tbh kind of flattering. Who wants to sponsor me???? (kidding) (kind of, I'll take some free stuff sure)

  5. Some actual numbers (a lot of it came from The Handemade Seller interview on Monday, but I am sure it's not 100% of it) because broken down day by day, my #'s are still higher compared to most weeks. Here are #'s compared to last week:
    Profile visits: +70% 
    Website clicks: +40% 
    Reach: +75%
    Impressions: +190%
    I don't have consistent data to make a correlation for a potential increase in sales, but it's still interesting to look at!

It's been fun hearing how people respond to my very normal (+ kind of over-productive I think + sometimes boring) life. My only fear is that the endorphins from THE ENGAGEMENT will then make me feel like I need to post (or, heaven forbid, do..) specific things that would get THE ENGAGEMENT.

There's an ugly text graphic. I will continue to story as long as it's fun, but here's a reminder to myself.

PS I know last week I said I was going to blog about how it takes me an hour to pack up/set up etc for craft fairs but I'm over it, and was anyone really looking fwd to it? Doubtful ;) 

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