Graph of our sales over 5 years

I've been working more with numbers, charts, and light analytics at work which has been really fun to learn. Through this, I got very curious and excited to track some numbers for Pickles over the years. I am so horrible with numbers and my brain doesn't remember information in that way so what I plotted was very fascinating and exciting!

Plotted graph of sales YOY:

Website: Sales from my own e-comm website (Weebly from 2014-2017, Shopify from 2018-present)
Craft fairs: Sales from in-person selling events 
Wholesale: purchases from a brick & mortar shop that takes my products and resells them in their store
Partnerships: Hand-Made Pop Up, Postable, blog features, etc

Some of my observations:
2014: I launched a more cohesive visual brand look, therefore Etsy sales near doubled. 
2015: I went all out and tried to increase sales: I attended way too many craft fairsstarted selling wholesale, and opened my own e-comm website. Efforts paid off; revenue grew 3.5x. 
2017: All my sales went down— we bought a house, gutted & remodeled it, while planning our wedding...
2018: Wholesale has clearly always been a large chunk of my sales— even though wholesale prices sell at half my retail costs, stores order in much greater volumes. And wow, last year's efforts (my first trade show, more product diversity) really paid off! After plotting this, I'm much more motivated in my wholesale efforts.
2019: Etsy sales are going down YOY but it's not surprising or alarming; marketplace is getting more saturated and I've focused less time on Etsy SEO etc. More on that later...

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