Our wedding suite (on our first wedding anniversary!)

Our marriage had its first milestone yesterday: our 1 year anniversary! Jeff and I took some time recently to reflect on our first year of marriage and relive our amazing wedding day— it has been the best & most fun year of my life. Marrying your best friend is highly, highly recommended:) Reliving the day prompted me to want to share what I designed for our wedding! 


I had a lot of ideas and Pins for our wedding board; it was hard to decide what route to take visually. I knew it would be pretty minimal but I initially didn't want to incorporate any of my little doodles and cartoons into the day— I wanted it to lean a bit elegant. 

Some of my initial designs:

But then I thought about the theme of "us", as cheesy as it sounds, and our long journey to get to marriage. Pretty much since Jeff and I met in middle school, we were one of those forever on-and-off couples, filled with prom drama, fighting over 10¢ texts, and a loooot of dramatic convos over the years. When we finally started for real dating, I spent sooooo much time reminiscing the fun/ sweet /embarrassing  memories. I started think of how we could incorporate these memories into our wedding and share them with the people we loved the most.

Thus prompted the little doodles and the designs got a little less "elegant" but a little more "fun" ;) First, our wedding invite, inspired by this popular pin.

I really, really liked the fold idea—  it was a little off-beat and interesting but I think it worked out really well for us. It took quite a bit of planning to think of how our guests would unfold it and how to assign the info on each of the squares, but both of us are really fond with out how turned out.

We then tied the little doodles on the back of our invite (and on our website) into the day by sharing some of those memories on the back of our menu. We had 3 different versions to the menu and we loved hearing our guests mention them to us. 

Here it was in context:


Unrelated to the memories theme, but also wanted to share our wedding favor, which was a thank you card (I figured everyone uses thank you cards, right?) 

Designing for our wedding was super, super fun (so was every other part of our wedding!! Planning, bachlor(ette) trips hiring vendors that became friends, going on our honeymoon... such an amazing experience. I hope we never forget it!

PS, this is all kind of related to something I have been planning for A Jar of Pickles in 2019!!! Excited to eventually share!! 

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