3 Simple Parts to a Love Note

Have you hear of the 5 Love Languages? My biggest one, by far, is Words of Affirmation- I love reading, I love writing, and I especially love talking. It's the easiest form for me to express and receive affection. Every time I write a card, I usually have to make an arrow to point back up to the top flap, because I run out of room... I always have a lot to say :P

In honor of the day of chocolate, flowers, and love cards, and since not everyone is as wordy as me, I thought of a simple 3 part how-to write a meaningful card. I like this structure because the card can be 3 sentences or 3 paragraphs, depending on how much detail you want to get into. You can also apply it to anyone: your significant other, your sister, your workout buddy- whomever you'd want to send some love to this weekend.

The simple, fool-proof formula to a thoughtful card/note/letter:

Describe one memory that stood out to you that involves that person.
For example, enjoyable time spent together (trying out a new place to eat), something small s/he did for you as an act of service (like bringing you a phone charger when your friends went out last time), a time you thought of them fondly, out of the blue ("I saw these awesome punny cards in a shop and it made me think of how you make everyone laugh with your corny jokes!").

Identify the trait that you think is amazing about this person, displayed in the memory you described.
Share why that memory stood out to you- does it show that s/he is generous, willing, funny, supportive? I also LOVE writing "It makes me feel ____" statements. Really inserts lots of raw, sappy emotion in there. 

End it by reminiscing about the past or thinking towards the future.  
Think simple summary statements: "I can't wait to see you next to discuss how good Aziz's show is." "I'm so grateful to have met you this past year- you've brought so much fun into the office." "I'm so lucky to have such a caring friend!"

Simple enough, I hope! I wrote two short examples:

Dear Grace,
When my sister couldn't take a day off work to come with me to my Facebook Pop-Up Shop, you were the first one I thought of to ask last minute- you have always been so crazy supportive of my Pickles project, like when you came to Madewell Pop-Up with me before I knew what I was doing at all. I was so glad (but not surprised) you said yes, and I can't believe you did it even though you had to work right after. You are so willing and supportive. Our friendship means so much to me and I can't believe we have been friends for so crazy long and look forward to sharing so much more of life with you!

Dear Mommy,
Happy Valentine's Day! I know it's not typical for people to write their moms v-day cards, but I figure a Happy Chinese New Year/VDay crossover was enough reason to write a card. I'm so blessed to have you as a mom. Every time I get a text from you, I get excited because they're all so great: a fun picture of Toffee, a new fact about the Niners or Warriors you just learned, or asking me if I'm sleeping enough. I'm so happy that you took the time to learn how to text and use emoji's, because your texts are funny, weird, and so caring, and definitely brighten my day. OK 新年快樂!! 恭禧發財!! Love you lots!!

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