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A Jar of Pickles is a side hobby business I started with $200 that eventually grew to 6 figures in revenue while I worked full-time jobs in UX design and marketing. I have learned so much running this small business of mine which I’m starting to share here. Join me as I grow my small business.

I love talking to creatives starting small businesses and seeing such awesome products that come from these new companies, so I wanted to offer a more structured format for sharing my experience and resources. I have previously mentored UX bootcamp students through Thinkful (a program I graduated from), as well as mentored interns at various companies in my career!

Questions? Topic suggestions? I'd love to hear from you! Email hello@ajarofpickles.com.


Creative Coaching Calls

Learn With Pickles: Creative Coaching Call A Jar of Pickles
Learn With Pickles: Creative Coaching Call A Jar of Pickles

What to expect in 3 45-minute phone calls:
3 chats about anything, anytime*, in 45-minute phone calls. For small business owners who need more in-depth look at your business: brainstorming 5 to-do's to grow your business, a second pair of eyes for your product line or website, or an actionable to-do list coming out of every meeting.

Before our first meeting, I'll ask you to fill out a short form so I can get a good sense of what you're trying to accomplish with our calls. 
Before each of our calls, I'll prep by seeing what you've been up to with any website updates, social media activity, etc.
After our calls, I'll write you a summary email of what we talked about and next steps from our chat.  

Some examples of topics we can chat about:

  • Website / shop feedback review
  • Building a cohesive visual brand
  • Which marketing strategies to focus on
  • Finding motivation & working through imposter syndrome
  • Narrowing down ideas to focus as much as possible
  • Ways to organize your ideas, tasks, and time
  • Breaking down big ideas 

After purchasing, you will be emailed a confirmation within 24 hrs where you can book your first session. 

If you'd like to be notified when the next sessions open up, please fill out this form here.

*Disclaimers: All 3 sessions must be used within 3 months, and must be at least 2 weeks apart. 24 hour notice required for any cancellations. Sessions can only be redeemed by the same business / individual, cannot be redeemed for store credit.


"Coaching Calls were informative and valuable for my business growth and I highly recommend Kirstie as a business mentor. The suggestions and feedback given were tailored to my business specifically, which I really appreciated. Her thoughtfulness and experience made for super effective learning. Hire Kirstie! You won't regret it."

Bea, Bea Co Paper

"I love that we have discussed both short and long term strategies. This has resulted in me experimenting more, allowing more time for the long term strategies so that they can be better evaluated, and removed the pressure of immediate results. Although our products are different, Kirstie’s answers and ideas have worked for my business."

Cady, CMS Supply Co

"As well as providing personal insights, Kirstie took time to prepare for our calls (e.g. looking at our IG and Etsy each time before to see our progress) to ensure she were prepared to give sound and valuable advice and feedback. Many things have changed since we started our calls­­ -so many big steps have been taken and I can’t be more excited and thankful. "

-Hannah, Milky & Co


Blog Posts


Resources for Small Businesses

Courses & Podcasts:
Proof to Product by Katie Hunt
The Product Boss by Jacqueline & Mina

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
Creative, Inc by Joy Cho
Obsessed: Building a Brand People Love by Emily Heyward

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
Trello (with Planaway plugin)
Ship Pirate
Google Sheets