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1-3 Stickers/Cards ship for $1. Free shipping on orders $50+

Pickles Product Drops

 Tips for scoring items at drop time:

  1. Make an account on our website with your payment info saved for faster checkout

  2. Carve out ~15 minutes to shop at time of drop in case there are any backend website issues. Follow our IG Channel for live updates.
    If you get an error message when you try to join, update the IG App

  3. Load the product page beforehand and then refresh @ release time

  4. Don't add too many of the new product to your cart bc then you might not get any!!!
    (example: if you have 5 in your cart and your checkout goes through the system when there's only 2 left, you get an out of stock message, but if you only had 1, it would go through!)

Shipping is $4 and FREE over $50+. Tips to save on shipping: