Banner Rental Info

We're so excited about our hand-lettered cloth banners, which will make a fun prop for your proposal, engagement photoshoots, baby announcement, or any other celebratory occasion!

How does it work? 

  1. Choose from our selection of rental banners
  2. Select a 3, 5 or 7 day rental and purchase it with a rental deposit
  3. Let us know a "receive by" date (PS- all banners ship for free!) 
  4. You receive the banner by that date, and then use it for your occasion
  5. Pack it up in the included bag and return label 
  6. Drop it off in any USPS blue box on the last day of your rental
  7. We'll receive the banner and refund you the deposit

What is the rental deposit?
Each banner rental must be purchased as a pair with the rental deposit that will be fully refunded when banner is returned to us on time and in good condition, less normal ware and tare. We also are flexible and understand circumstances that come up, but reserve the right to dock $2 each day the return shipment is late.

What counts as "normal wear and tare"?
As long as there are no stains we can't remove, you're good! We wash all the banners in between each rental and that will get out the small marks and smudges. 

Can I poke holes in it to hang it up?
Yes, but keep it close to the 4 corners and don't use a huge nail to make a large hole- a normal pushpin in even the top 2 corners is enough to keep the banner up. 

How does the rental timeline work?
We will email you with the exact timeline of your rental upon purchase so you're clear, but an example may be helpful: if you choose a 3 day rental starting January 1st and the package arrives December 29th, day 1 starts on Jan 1st. Drop off the return package in a USPS mailbox by January 3rd.

What happens if USPS doesn't scan the package until the next day?
We're chill! Just email us and let us know. 

What happens if there are weather delays in shipping, either way?
Shipping back to us: we are chill and we get weather delays, we won't charge you if it's late! If there are weather delays shipping to you, we'll email you to figure out where to go from there. 


Questions? Ask away!

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.