• Our wedding suite (on our first wedding anniversary!)

    Our marriage had its first milestone yesterday: our 1 year anniversary! Jeff and I took some time recently to reflect on our first year of marriage and relive our amazing wedding day— it has been the best & most fun year of my life. Marrying your best friend is highly, highly recommended:) Reliving the day prompted me to want to share what I designed for our wedding! 


    I had a lot of ideas and pins for our wedding board; it was hard to decide what route to take visually. I knew it would be pretty minimal but I initially didn't want to incorporate any of my little doodles and cartoons into the day- I wanted it to be plain and maybe a bit sophisticated and elegant. 

    Some of my initial designs:

    But then I thought about the theme of "us", as cheesy as it sounds, and our long journey to get to marriage. Pretty much since Jeff and I met in middle school, we were one of those forever on-and-off couples, filled with prom drama, fighting over 10¢ texts, and a lot of dramatic convos over the years. When we finally started for real dating, I spent sooooo much time reliving the fun/ sweet /embarrassing  memories. I started think of how we could incorporate these memories into our wedding and share them with the people we loved the most...

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