• Introducing: Pickles Points

    2.5 months (and a whole different world...) ago, I asked a question on insta-stories: "2 weeks ago, I released a new pin, 1 week ago, I released personal stationery, and this week, I released sticker sheets. Is it annoying when I release products 1 by 1, week by week?" In Pickles history, I p...

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  • 2018 vs 2019 Black Friday/ Cyber Monday / "consumerism week" sales & numbers

    Pulled up data to compare this year and last year's sales: 2018 sale was 5 days, 30% off everything 2019 sale was 7 days, with a tiered discount:15% off all custom 25% off all pins, notepads, prints, totes etc35% off all cards General numbers comparing 2019 to 2018 (normalized over 7 days):  A...

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  • Sales graphs by location

    Since I launched state stamps last week, I got very curious to see sales data by location. Very fitting that I finished this blog post on a plane ride over to Hawaii! This is data of total revenue (note: not # of orders) since my first Etsy sale from a good friend.Not surprisingly, California tak...

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  • All my craft fair sales in a graph, and why I only show at 2 each year now

    As I was sharing about Renegade sales last week, I got super curious about ALL the sales. Here's a graph of all my craft fair sales, sorted by 1. Length of craft fair, 2. MM/YY in time I really loved graphing this out and it's very fascinating to look at this and reminisce through the years... ...

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  • Freebies at Renegade led to my best sales yet

    I wanted to follow my own advice from my last blog post about sales funnels and try to get even more top of funnel customers at Renegade last weekend.  Last year, I started to run these 2 promos at craft fairs: 1. Free card with any purchase with an IG follow 2. Subscribe to our email newsletter...

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  • My new way of measuring craft fair success

    I went crazy in 2015 for craft fairs. I got a whiff of it and couldn't get enough— the anticipation while prepping, talking to customers and getting real-time feedback, pushing past exhaustion when I got home to unload and count the cash... It was exhilarating to see how much I could make in one weekend. 

    That year, sales was the only thing I really aimed for at craft fairs. I did everything I could to get those sales: discounts, a very tiring display set-up, hauling all our products in, going to as many events as possible, etc. I assessed the success of each craft fair based on sales alone (and wrote about it). 

    But I was missing a huge part of the potential of craft fairs.

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  • why I stuck to Etsy for years before selling on my own website

    When I first began my Etsy in 2013, I just listed random items for fun. To my surprise, I got a couple hundred in sales that year just from purely "having fun" with no actual goals. In 2014, I spent a lot of time launching a more cohesive visual look, and it paid off; Etsy sales grew by 9.4x between the years.

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  • Graph of our sales over 5 years

    I've been working more with numbers, charts, and light analytics at work which has been really fun to learn. Through this, I got very curious and excited to track some numbers for Pickles over the years. I am so horrible with numbers and my brain doesn't remember information in that way so what I plotted was very fascinating and exciting!


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