Am I ready to start selling wholesale?

5 q's to consider:

** BUT FIRST!!! If you are looking to sell to wholesale, I 100% recommend joining a community or taking a class on it. There are SO many nuances, edge case scenarios, and support you will need as you launch. The community and course I got from Proof to Product sooo many years ago was INVALUABLE. I rarely invest in class/courses but this one was worth it x1000.

  1. Do you have enough design and category assortment in your product?
    You're not ready for wholesale if you have 10 card designs (but brava, good job, it's a lot to start w!). Stores like to shop around for product to stock, just like when you go shopping. There are different MOQ's per category: eg, if you sell candles, you won't need as many different candle scents than you would need different greeting card designs.

    One of the biggest things Pei from The Paper and Craft Pantry told me was that she looks for lines with a variety of types of products (a brand with both greeting cards and notebooks would be more appealing than a line with just cards.)

  2. Do you hold enough product inventory?
    Stores will order higher quantities from you than when you sell direct to consumer. Do you have enough product in stock to fulfill any store's order within 3-7 days?

  3. Are your products priced correctly for wholesale?
    Will you make enough profit at a wholesale price (50% off your retail price)? Are you at a competitive price with other potential companies they could stock product from (you can't be priced higher than everyone else selling your type of product!!)?

  4. Are you launching consistently?
    Stores want to see new stuff from their brands- they're not looking to just buy once from you, because it takes time to find product that fits their customers! So how often are you giving your shops something new to buy from you? Do you have a consistent launch schedule (Ok I admit, I didn't do this till last year lol)?

  5. Are you available for timely communication and relationship building with shops?
    Shops will email you for help choosing products, clarifications on your order policies, follow-up when their package gets delivered. They are very busy so it's important to respond in a timely manner- if it's taking you a few days, it's harder to work with you!

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